Sunday, April 21, 2013

messed THAT up...

awesome. i clicked something wrong on blogger, and it wiped out my blog template AND my widgets. which means (drumroll please) i lost EVERY SINGLE BLOG ADDRESS of all of y'all that i like to follow and check your blogs. so...i'd love it if you'd comment and leave me your blog address. or email it to me, fb me, whatev.
so yeah. i'm pretty mad right now.
ah well, life goes on.
guess i'll get to an update soon...since i spent all this time tonight trying to salvage what was left of my blog! irritating.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

jan & feb happenings

we had a fun and laid-back new year's eve this year. ate some food, watched some movies, made hats, etc. fun time as a family
bowling in st. george, kids LOVED it!

as you know my kids are about as obsessed with disneyland as i am. they beg all winter for me to paint their faces like they do at disneyland. i give it my best shot, it at least pacifies them for the time being!
nate and i had our 11 year anniversary in february! thanks to both of our mom's for watching kiddos...we went to dinner, then stayed in the manti house the same room we stayed in on our wedding night. so much fun to be back in manti! then we went to the manti temple in the morning. one of the funnest/best anniversaries ever!

valentine's day box! not sure what happened to the picture of caitlin and abby with theirs? oops...
emma and her preschool teacher at their valentine's party. best. preschool. teacher. ever.
nate was fixing the bookshelf. slight mishap. GROSS. (yes that's a ribbed nail, not a screw. OUCH to get out.)
greyson pretending like he OWNS my phone at the hotel room in st. george. we LOVE going to st. george when nate has shifts down there. we swim and hike and play for a weekend.
creative kids in the hotel room

i LOVE the red rocks. i could look at them all day, every day. love.

Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 in review

quick review of 2012, picture-style of course! starting with december:
christmas in the air
 greyson's 1st date with snow
 pumpkin patch...almost a daily thing
 DISNEYLAND! one of the best highlights if you ask me...
 fall colors of hobble creek canyon. gorgeous.
 mom's girls-trip to vegas
 4th of july
 this little rascal turned one

 abby turned SEVEN!!
 art city days with friends
  trip to grass valley to visit some of our favorite people on earth!
 catchin' frogs in bob and pauline's backyard
 dance comptetions...all.spring.long.
 daddy got his new baby
 my birthday trip to st. george and ZIONS! awesome.
 dance recitals...
 last day of school 2012
 school talent show
 one of MANY trips to st. george. 
*note: right AFTER this picture i completely obliterated my camera by falling on the cement by the stroller. caitlin's birthday was a day after this trip. hence the lack of pictures from her birthday :(
 more st. george!!


emma turned FOUR!
 MORE dance competitions
 and even more dance competitions.
and not in order...i got my baby! 2011 chrysler town and country. we got it in november, and yes embarrassed to say i haven't taken any pics. but this is the same one:
and it is bliss. amazing to be able to get a van one year old, with over 70,000 miles left on the warranty, in perfect condition, with all the bells and whistles for HALF the price of a brand new van. and i am in love.

also out-of-order...we signed a contract in arkansas!! we will be moving there for nate to start a REAL job ;o) in july. we are so thrilled, the town is awesome, and the weather is great as well!!

and that's all folks. we're looking forward to 2013 with the fun adventure of moving across the country again, and enjoying every minute of life!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


1st of all, we found out greyson is VERY allergic to peanuts. :( this does not make a momma happy that already has gluten-free kiddos. he was in the instacare once for a strange allergic reaction, and when it happened again, i realized both times i had shared my ice cream with him. both times happened to be peanut butter cup ice cream. so off to nate's clinic we went to get his blood drawn. clearly it's nowhere NEAR as much of a challenge to have a peanut-free diet, but the reaction is so scary. i had to pick up his epi-pens from the pharmacy the other day, and they are SO huge. i hope i never have to use one of those bad boys on my little man. ah well, life goes on.....

we are SO lucky to live right down the street from the pumpkin patch. it was fun to just walk down and let the kids play in the corn pit, mazes, see the animals, etc... and the weather was so nice last month! halloween was fun, with TOO much candy, and TOO many festivities. the kids traded their candy in at the dentist and bought the mckenna movie they've been wanting forEVER with the money. sigh...this house is finally candy free!!!
 corn pit fun! (way cleaner than a sand box)

 greyson following emma in the kiddie maze

 1st snow of the year. emma was lucky enough to not have school, so she played in it for an hour or so before it melted.
 pumpkin carving. cait and nate carved pumpkins the traditional way. abby, emma and i opted for the sticky-free method of just putting faces on our pumpkins
 emma's cute doggie
 abby's weirdo man

 cait's owl, nate's pumpkin. cute, but i loved my pumpkins and that i didn't get super messy!
 my superhero. jack jack attack.
 ward trunk-or-treat and halloween carnival. my vampire and witch.
 cute little cheetah
 cait (trying to keep the too-big-for-her-mouth fangs in her mouth) and her friend addysen the jellyfish.
bye-bye october, SO glad to be moving on to november!!!